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Education registration conditions

The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (the Board) has considered your application for registration. Your application and supporting documentation indicates that you do not meet the Registration Standards. The Board is therefore proposing to register you subject to a condition.

You are given the opportunity to make a written or verbal submission to the Board about the proposal.

Under Section 83 the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law 2009, as in force in each state and territory (the National Law), registration may be granted subject to any condition the Board considers necessary.

Under the National Law, the Board has the power to determine applications for registration.

Where it has been identified that a practitioner has deficits in their practice, knowledge, education or skills, the Board may consider it necessary to impose a condition requiring the practitioner to undertake further study.

Education registration conditions require a practitioner to undertake a course or unit of study for the purpose of satisfying the condition requirements. A practitioner may be required to complete one area of education. There are four areas of education that have been recommended by the Board:

  1. Australian Health Care Context, 
  2. Restricted Herbs, 
  3. Internal Medicine, and 
  4. Final Clinical Practice Unit or Clinical Competency Unit

Under the National Law a National Register (Registers of Practitioners) must include the information for each registered health practitioner whose name is included in the register. This includes any education registration condition imposed on registration.

Any information you provide to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA), and any information considered by the Board, remains confidential.

A condition on your registration must be complied with to maintain your registration.

Failure to comply with a condition on your registration may constitute behaviour for which health, conduct or performance action may be taken.

AHPRA will monitor conditions upon your registration, and provide information to the Board as required.

Yes. The Board has an agreed list of courses and units of study. The list was compiled from courses and units already provided by approved and accredited Chinese Medicine education providers.

There may be other courses and/or units provided by other education providers, which may satisfy your education registration conditions. However, at this stage the Board has determined to provide a provisional list of courses and units from approved and accredited education providers as they are currently assured to provide the standards of education that satisfy registration purposes.

If the course or unit of study is listed on the Board’s agreed list of educational courses and units of study, for the purpose of satisfying education registration condition requirements, you do not need to advise the Board or apply for approval prior to enrolling in the course or unit of study.

If you believe a different course or unit, when completed, will satisfy the education conditions upon your registration, you are required to seek Board approval. This will require a submission to the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) to present to the Board.

If you are considering undertaking a course or unit of study and it is not on the Board’s agreed list, then you must submit the details of the proposed course or unit of study prior to enrolment for approval by the Board. It is important to provide the course/subject outline and anticipated commencement and completion dates with your request to assist the Board determine its suitability.

In considering other courses or units (not on the agreed list) it would be useful to refer to the competencies necessary to meet the condition, listed in the agreed list of educational courses and units.

All costs and expenses in relation to the terms set out in a practitioner’s conditions of registration are the responsibility of the practitioner.

You should make every effort to comply with the condition on your registration.

If the condition requires you to undertake a course or unit of study, and the educational institute requires you to complete the entire course or unit in order to obtain the certificate of completion or other supporting documentation to confirm you have successfully completed, you will be required to complete content that you may have studied or completed previously.

You should make every effort to comply with the condition on your registration by the date specified. However, if there are genuine, extenuating circumstances which prevent you from doing so, write to AHPRA as soon as possible, explaining the situation and request an extension.

You should confirm your intention to comply with the condition and suggest a new date.

On successful completion of the required course or unit of study, you are required to lodge:

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