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Non-practising registration

Chinese medicine practitioners with non-practising registration are not permitted to treat, prescribe or refer, regardless of whether they are being remunerated. There is a reduced fee for non-practising registration. These practitioners continue to receive the Board's publications.

This type of registration may be suitable for practitioners who:

  • will be overseas for some time and not practising in Australia or
  • are not practising temporarily (for example on maternity or sick leave).

Practitioners who have been granted non-practising registration do not need to comply with the continuing professional development standard, the professional indemnity insurance standard or the recency of practice standard for the duration of their non-practising registration.

If you hold non-practising registration and wish to start practising in Australia again, you can apply to the Board to have your registration switched to general registration.

There is a form on the Forms page for this purpose called Application for General Registration for current non-practising registrants (AGNP-86). The standard registration fee for general registration will apply.

Page reviewed 24/09/2013