Chinese Medicine Reference Group

The purpose of the Reference Group is to enhance a common understanding of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme from the differing perspectives of key stakeholders.

The Reference Group will:

  • receive regular information about the progress of the Board’s work when appropriate
  • be advised of and asked for advice on any significant changes in the broader policy or legislative environment
  • provide information on current or anticipated developments and issues
  • provide advice on policy development or revisions
  • report on the impact of existing policies, and
  • consider any issues arising from any other developments.


Name  Position 
Ms Honglin (Linda) Yang Individual practitioner member 
Mr Shengxi (George) Zhang Individual practitioner member 
Dr Kevin Ryan  Individual practitioner member 
Ms Dina Tsiopelas  Individual practitioner member 
Ms Tricia Greenway Community representative 
Ms Sophy Athan from the AHPRA Community Reference Group Community representative 
Dr Cheryl McRae Community representative 
Ms Waveny Holland from AACMA Professional association representative 
Ms Kaitlin Edin from ANTA Professional association representative 
Dr Max Ma from CMIC Professional association representative 
Ms Donna Chew from FCMA Professional association representative 
Associate Professor Xiaoshu Zhu Education institution representative 
Dr Greg Cope  Education institution representative 
Ms Laura Sutton Graduate representative 



Page reviewed 8/09/2020