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Application information

How to apply

If you are an education provider and wish to apply for an accreditation assessment of your program of study, you need to contact the Accreditation Unit and arrange a due date for submission of your application.

The accreditation standards are available on the Accreditation page of the National Board’s website and the accreditation process is available on this page.

Application form and accreditation guidance material

Please contact the Accreditation Unit for the current version of the application form and the accreditation guidance document which you need to complete your application correctly.

Accreditation process

As required by section 45 of the National Law, the Accreditation Committee has published its accreditation process.

The Accreditation Committee undertook wide ranging stakeholder consultation about its accreditation process and will continue to seek feedback from users as it is implemented.

Accreditation fees

Education providers pay two types of accreditation fees - accreditation assessment fees and annual accreditation fees.

The Accreditation Committee sets these fees on a cost recovery basis. “Cost recovery basis” refers to recovery of some of the costs to deliver the accreditation function including the cost of the Accreditation Committee’s ongoing operations (direct costs and AHPRA support) as well as the direct costs associated with accreditation assessments and standard annual monitoring activities.

The fees are reviewed on a regular basis and may change from time to time.

The document below provides information about the current accreditation fees for Chinese medicine:

Internal review process

If the Accreditation Committee decides not to accredit a program of study, or decides to revoke accreditation of a program, the education provider may apply for an internal review of the decision. The internal review process provides more information:

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