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Profile Suzi Mansu

Suzi MansuWhat made you decide to apply for a position on the Chinese Medicine Accreditation Committee?

At the time, I had been a Chinese medicine academic and practitioner for 18 years with a focus on clinical education for both the undergraduate and postgraduate programs. When the opportunity came up for the accreditation committee, I thought with my experience in program design and delivery and my passion for clinical education, I would have the skills to contribute to the Chinese medicine accreditation process.

What does being on the committee involve and what is the time commitment?

The Committee is responsible for accrediting and monitoring programs. It also contributes to other accreditation bodies and works closely with them on strategic directions in accreditation matters such as professional capabilities and standards. As a delegate representative for the Committee (standing in for the Chair), I had the opportunity to learn leadership skills and represent the Committee in the Health Professions Accreditation Collaborative Forum and have been given opportunities for many professional development activities such as on regulation of professions locally and internationally. There are around four committee meetings per year. Outside of the meetings, time commitment would be around one day per month so a total of 20 days per year.

What skills, personal attributes and experience do you recommend an applicant should have?

Applicants should be open minded and able to pay attention to detail. They need to have an interest in learning and teaching in Chinese medicine and have an understanding of student experience and graduate outcomes as one of the key accreditation outcomes is public safety.

What part of being on the committee do you enjoy the most?

I have learned new skills and feel I have contributed to the Chinese medicine profession. The committee meetings are very stimulating, and it has been interesting to hear different views from other members. The team was welcoming and collaborative and have helped me grow as an academic and as a member of the Chinese medicine profession.

If an individual was considering applying, what advice would you give to help them make a final decision?

If you’re wanting to extend yourself, and feel you have the relevant skills to contribute, put in that application. My time on the Committee has been intellectually stimulating and has given me an opportunity to collaborate with other experienced academics and Chinese medicine practitioners. They have helped me to see beyond the university walls.

Page reviewed 20/12/2021