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The application form for general registration as a Chinese medicine practitioner is available to download. Practitioners who are not registered must apply for national registration.

For information on how to apply for registration please see the Board’s presentation: Information forums Feb-March 2012 (254 KB,PDF).

See the National Board’s FAQ for further information on:

  • Who needs to apply for registration?
  • The National Scheme
  • Registration Standards

or the National Board fee schedule for more information on application fees and registration fees.

Renewal of registration

Online application for renewal of registration opens six to eight weeks before your registration expires. AHPRA will send you a reminder when your registration is due. Look for this as confirmation that online renewal is open.

If you do not renew your general or non-practising registration by 30 November each year, or within the following one month late period, your registration will lapse in accordance with the National Law and your name will be removed from the national register of practitioners.

Registration Forms

General Registration

See the National Board’s accreditation page for a list of the qualifications required for general registration.

Non-practising Registration

Non-practising practitioners who want to apply for registration for the first time under the ‘grandparenting’ arrangements.

If you are not currently registered, and not practising as a Chinese medicine practitioner but do plan to practise in the future, you will eventually need to register with the Board. If you do not have qualifications from the list of Approved Programs of Study you can apply for registration under the grandparenting arrangements. See Chinese Medicine Board Grandparenting Standard for details about qualifications for registration under these special arrangements. The grandparenting arrangements end on 30 June 2015. If you intend to make use of the grandparenting pathway, you must submit your application by this date. The steps are:

Apply for general registration and specifically request that when your registration has been assessed and granted, it be immediately changed to non-practising registration (this is because the National Law requires that you be assessed for suitability for general registration before it can be transferred to non practising registration).

Pay the application fee to enable your application to be assessed.

Pay the non-practising registration fee (which is less than the general registration fee).

Note on your application form that you are paying the lower fee because you want your general registration to be immediately changed to non-practising registration. 

Non-practising registrants who want to apply for practising registration

If you currently hold a non-practising registration and want to change back to general registration because you plan to recommence practice, use form AGNP-86:

Current registrants who want to apply for non-practising registration

If you currently hold general (practising) registration and want to change to non-practising registration use form ANPC-86:

Review of conditions or undertakings

Common Application Forms

See Common Application Forms for a complete list of forms that are not specific to the actual registration process.

Supplementary Information

Information about supporting documents required for registration is provided below.

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