Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Overseas qualified Chinese medicine practitioners

Registration and employment as a Chinese medicine practitioner in Australia

AHPRA assesses applications for registration from overseas qualified Chinese medicine practitioners on behalf of the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (the Board). The Board is governed by the Health Practitioner Regulation National Law as in force in each state and territory and is responsible for the final decision on each application.

Overseas qualified Chinese medicine practitioners who apply for registration with the Board are assessed against the registration standards and the qualification criteria of the assessment model.

Applicants must meet all registration standards and qualification criteria in order to be eligible for registration without conditions or limitations.

Find out more about meeting the registration requirements and applying for registration.

Recommended pathway to registration in Australia for overseas qualified Chinese medicine practitioners

Assess your ability to meet the registration requirements

Assess your ability to meet the immigration requirements

Fill in application form and provide all documentation to AHPRA

The Board will assess whether you meet the requirements for registration

Receive registration

Begin working

Employment as a registered Chinese medicine practitioner in Australia

Neither AHPRA nor the Board is involved in employment matters and are therefore unable to assist you in seeking employment or influencing employment outcomes. However, it is important to be aware that any health practitioner must hold registration with the relevant National Board prior to taking up practice or employment in Australia in the profession. We recommend that you do not apply for work or set up a practice until your registration eligibility is confirmed.

Page reviewed 28/10/2016