Chinese Medicine Board of Australia - Call for expressions of interest - Chinese Medicine Reference Group

Call for expressions of interest - Chinese Medicine Reference Group

04 Oct 2016

The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia (the Board) has decided to establish a Chinese Medicine Reference Group consisting of both individuals and representatives of organisations which can bring their collective advice to the Board.

The purpose of the Reference Group will be to enhance a common understanding of the National Registration and Accreditation Scheme from the differing perspectives of key stakeholders1.

It is essential the Board is aware of the views and needs of the wider community when it is fulfilling its public protection role. Recently the Board held forums across the country and these engagements will continue. It also gathers feedback from other sources such as via the consultations about new and revised standards and guidelines.

The Reference Group will:

  • receive regular information about the progress of the Board’s work when appropriate 
  • be advised of and asked for advice on any significant changes in the broader policy or legislative environment 
  • provide information on current or anticipated developments and issues 
  • provide advice on policy development or revisions 
  • report on the impact of existing policies, and 
  • consider any issues arising from any other developments.

The Reference Group will normally meet once a year face-to-face with the ability to convene electronically at other times if needed. It is anticipated the first meeting will be held in February 2017.

The Reference Group’s terms of reference are published below:

Applications are sought from individual Chinese medicine practitioners to be part of the Reference Group.

Please submit a brief application by COB Monday 14 November 2016 to Expressions of interest - Chinese Medicine Reference Group addressing the following selection criteria:

  1. Good standing in the profession (supported by referees). 
  2. Demonstrable high level communication skills. 
  3. Demonstrable team skills.

Please include a paragraph explaining why you wish to be part of the Reference Group and what you have to offer.

Reference Group members will receive a sitting fee for attending meetings at the same rate as National Board members for special assignment except where attendance at the meeting is:

  • a function of the person’s employment, or 
  • as a professional association representative2.

Members eligible for sitting fees will have reasonable travel and accommodation costs covered by the Board. Other costs or situations will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

1Such as individual practitioners, consumers and groups representing the educational institutions, and the peak practitioner and industry groups.

2Consistent with Professions Reference Group, Terms of Reference which state ‘Members will fund their own attendance at meetings’.


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