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Recent graduates: Call for volunteers

10 Dec 2020

Recent graduates! Want to help the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia and Ahpra pilot new multiple-choice questions for our regulatory examinations for overseas trained practitioners?

Ahpra is looking for recent graduates from approved Chinese medicine programs of study to test newly developed multiple-choice questions (MCQs). The MCQs form part of the Board’s regulatory examination and by helping us test questions you’ll be helping us keep the public safe.

I’m interested, what’s involved?

The pilot MCQ examination will be held at Kryterion testing centers in Sydney and Melbourne in late March or early April 2021 (subject to there being sufficient volunteers). There will be 90 – 100 items in the pilot examination and it will take 2.5 hours.

You’ll be presented with scenario-based MCQs followed by a set of four possible answers that include the best answer to the question. You’ll be required to select the most correct answer. You will also have an opportunity to provide feedback to Ahpra on the pilot examination arrangements and questions after the examination.

The MCQ examination covers Chinese medicine theory and diagnosis, biomedicine sciences, professional ethics and regulatory requirements, and Chinese herbal medicine or acupuncture.

Your results will not be shared with the Board or have any bearing on your registration.

To accept the invitation to volunteer for the pilot MCQ examination, please click here. The call for volunteers has been extended to Friday 19 March 2021.

What’s the pilot MCQ examination about?

As part of processing registration applications from overseas trained practitioners, each candidate’s qualifications are assessed against the Board’s Qualifications Assessment Policy Framework to identify if the candidate is qualified for general registration under section 53 of the National Law.

Most overseas trained practitioners who apply to register in Australia need to complete the CMBA Regulatory Examinations to qualify for general registration in Australia.

The CMBA regulatory examinations include a written examination (computer-based) consisting of scenario-based MCQs. The objective of the pilot MCQ examination is to assist Ahpra in evaluating the acceptability, validity and reliability of the new MCQs.

For more information

Please contact our Customer Service Team on 1300 419 495 (within Australia).

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