Board appointments

24 Jun 2014

Health ministers announced the new and reappointed Chair and Board members of the Chinese Medicine Board last week.

The new appointments and reappointments are the result of the inaugural terms ending for members appointed by the Ministerial Council in 2011.

AHPRA extends sincere thanks to all outgoing Board members for their dedication to and work on the National Scheme and for contributing to the safety of the public by ensuring access to health practitioners who are safe and adequately trained and qualified.

For more information, please refer to the Ministerial Council communiqué.

Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Name  Appointed/Reappointed  Period (starting from 1 July 2014) 
Professor Charlie Xue  Reappointed as Chair and a practitioner member from Victoria  3 years 
Mr Roderick Martin  Appointed as a practitioner member from Queensland  3 years 
Dr  Di Wen Lai  Reappointed as a practitioner member from Western Australia  3 years 
Dr  Liang Zhong Chen  Appointed as a practitioner member from South Australia  3 years 
Ms Christine Berle  Appointed as a practitioner member from New South Wales  3 years 
Professor Craig Zimitat  Reappointed as a community member  3 years 
Dr Anne Fletcher  Appointed as a community member  3 years (starting from 1 May 2014)


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