Review of Complementary Medicines Regulation

03 Mar 2015

The Chinese Medicine Board of Australia draws your attention to a Call for submissions - ‘Review of complementary medicines regulation’.

Please note that this is not a consultation driven by the Chinese Medicine Board of Australia or AHPRA but given its content, it is likely to be of interest to Chinese medicine practitioners.

The Expert Panel undertaking the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation is calling for submissions from stakeholders on the regulation by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Complementary Medicines. The Panel has released a chapter on Complementary Medicines which is an addendum to its Discussion Paper on the regulation of medicines and medical devices. Stakeholders are encouraged to read the chapter on Complementary Medicines together with the Discussion Paper, which provides additional context.

We are pleased to provide this link to the Complementary Medicines Chapter on the Department of Health’s website.

Written submissions are invited on the questions for consideration raised in this Chapter plus any other relevant feedback. Details of how to lodge submissions are provided in the Chapter.

Submissions are due by COB 8 April 2015 and must be accompanied by a Review Cover Sheet available at Appendix 1 of the Complementary Medicines Chapter and on the website. All submissions received by the due date will be analysed and considered by us in formulating our recommendations to government. We have no capacity to respond to individual submissions, but may seek further information or clarification of issues as necessary.

Please email the Review Secretariat should you have any questions on the process:

Submissions to stage one of the Review of Medicines and Medical Devices Regulation have now closed.

Page reviewed 3/03/2015