Chinese Medicine Board of Australia
Chinese Medicine Board of Australia

Chinese Medicine Board Committees

The Board has appointed national committees to advise the Board and to make decisions where the Board has delegated functions under the National Law.

The following committees are made up of National Board members and others appointed for their expertise:

Policy, Planning and Communications (PPC) Committee

The PPC Committee undertakes the following functions as a committee of the Board:

  • consider and advise the Board on any emerging issues that may have strategic or policy implications
  • advise the Board on matters pertaining to professional standards, codes and guidelines to be developed or adopted by the Board
  • prepare and draft codes and guidelines for Board consideration and stakeholder consultation
  • assist the Board in developing, managing and reviewing the Board’s strategic plan and work plan
  • advise the Board and participate in policy implementation and evaluation as required
  • advise on short and long term priorities within the communication strategy, and any necessary shifts in focus as the national scheme progresses and issues emerge
  • oversee the development of communication materials
  • identify opportunities for new or enhanced practitioner and/or stakeholder engagement
  • undertake other tasks as requested by the Board, and
  • report at least quarterly to the Board on matters falling within these terms of reference. 


Name Position
Anne Fletcher Chair and National Board community member
Di Wen Lai  National Board practitioner member
Roderick Martin National Board practitioner member
Brian May
Practitioner Committee member

National Director, Communications from AHPRA will be in attendance at meetings for communications matters only.

Policy, Planning and Communications Committee Terms of Reference (99.1 KB,PDF), Word version (394 KB,DOCX)

Registration and Notifications Committee 

The Registration and Notifications Committee undertakes the following functions as a committee of the Board:

  • make decisions in relation to registration and notification matters, including as the Immediate Action Committee of the Board, under the delegated authority from the Board as described in the Board’s instrument of delegation
  • provide professional and/or practitioner input to Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) staff considering Chinese medicine registration and notification matters prior to them coming to the Committee and during Committee meeting discussions
  • provide advice to AHPRA staff dealing with the Health Complaints Entities as required
  • advise the Board and AHPRA on the ongoing relevance and effectiveness of the provisions of the instrument of delegation with respect to the functions of the Committee
  • provide advice and make recommendations to the Board on relevant matters including the Committee structure, meeting format, schedule and procedures, emerging trends or issues relating to registration and notifications, and
  • consider and provide advice to the Board on matters as requested by the Board or exercise any other functions delegated to it by the Board. 


Name  Position 
Prof Craig Zimitat Chair and National Board community member
Christine Berle    National Board practitioner member
Liang Zhong Chen National Board practitioner member
Peter Gigante Practitioner member
David Graham Community Committee member
Jacinta Ryan Practitioner member

Registration and Notifications Committee Terms of Refernce (182 KB,PDF), Word version (394 KB,DOCX)

Accreditation Committee

The Board has established an Accreditation Committee. To view details relating to the Accreditation Committee and other Accreditation information, please see the Accreditation section.

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