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Criminal history

All criminal history, whether from Australia or overseas, must be declared when applying for registration. Failing to declare your criminal history upon application for registration may jeopardise your application.

As of 4 February 2015, a new process applies for checking criminal history outside of Australia. For more information, please refer to the International criminal history page on the AHPRA website.

The Board will consider ten factors (which are set out in the standard) when deciding if your criminal history will affect your application for registration. Factors include such things as, for example, the nature and gravity of the offence and its relevance to health practice, time that has elapsed since the offence, whether or not the offence is part of a pattern of behaviour, and so on.

While every case will need to be decided on an individual basis, the ten factors provide the basis for the Board's consideration.

Read the Criminal History registration standard.

Page reviewed 24/09/2013